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Welcome to an immersive journey

We invite you to take an immersive journey into refreshing scents inspired by the best of nature; from the Northwoods of the Midwest, to the vibrant culture of India, to the rich tropics of Florida.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide an exceptional experience and product that echoes a luxurious lifestyle.

Fragrance made personal

Helping you glow everyday

Our fragrances are constructed with natural raw ingredients, like our signature essential oil.

Our Founder

Bee Apothecary started over a decade ago while working in India. Stacy took the opportunity to research developers and manufacturers of scents and aromas. Those years of laboratory work honed her nose and talents for creating distinctive fragrances.

Here's what people are saying

Comforting, delicate and intoxicating, sums it up. Stacy has a talent for capturing a feeling in a scent

Amy L.


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